6 key reasons to why businesses should focus on energy efficiency

Many businesses will argue energy efficient is unachievable for many reasons such as: it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a long period to see a reduction in energy usage, and takes years to see a return on investment for energy-efficient projects. This would be very difficult for business managers to adhere to as their main aim is to make profit. Despite business energy managers facing huge challenges, energy efficiency has a variety of benefits for businesses.

Key Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency helps reduce costs – In the past, energy efficiency was seen as uncontrollable. However, more companies are using energy in a controllable manner and are seeing positive financial implications for the company.

Reduced risk – In recent years, the global energy markets have been increasing significantly and this trend is expected to continue. The best way to limit the effect the unpredictable energy markets can have on your business is to generate your energy.

Improving brand reputation – Within the last year, more and more people are more aware of the advantages of being environmentally friendly. Brands becoming more environmentally aware and being energy-efficient, will improve the brand reputation.

Energy efficiency can improve working conditions for employees – By businesses ensuring they are energy efficient, they are improving employees’ comfort levels, well-being, and performance. By businesses being more energy-efficient, they can provide appropriate lighting and properly installed Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) systems which improve employee productivity.

It’s good for the planetGlobal concerns about climate change have increased massively over the past year. A good way for businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use is to become 100% renewable energy suppliers. Lowering the carbon footprint can go hand-in-hand with reducing your energy spending, meaning your business and the planet can benefit.

Being efficient can help with compliance –  The UK and ROI governments have created specific plans to benefit the world we live in. In 2019, the UK government passed laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050 meaning all greenhouse gas emissions will be net-zero. With businesses accounting for around 18% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the UK, it would be impossible for the UK to reach these targets. With more strict rules coming into place In the future, businesses that act now will be in a much better position than those that don’t. To read these in more depth, please visit Surple.

What is the Climate Action Bill?

In 2020, ROI created a Climate Action bill. This plan creates a new target to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, which will change the economy and society at every level. ROI plans to change how homes are heated, generate power, moving around the country, grow our food, and run our businesses. It sends a clear signal to every sector that it must reshape its activities to reduce emissions.

How can Balcas Energy wood pellets persuade business managers to become energy efficient?

  1. The carbon footprint of wood pellets – Pellet fuel can produce one-tenth the carbon as heating with oil. If the forest the wood pellet material is sourced from is managed sustainably, the carbon footprint is significantly reduced in comparison with fossil fuel heat. This is why in Balcas Energy we pride ourselves on our sustainability story.
  2. Forests can directly benefit – By using environmentally reliable sources for production, burning pellets releases fewer carbon emissions than if trees were left to decompose. This allows modern forestry organisations to enhance the rate of carbon elimination from the environment by replanting new trees which absorb CO2.
  3. Wood pellets are natural – When it comes to using pellets, there are no chemicals or dangerous extracts included that could be harmful to you or the environment. Pellet fuel is made from scratch using green energy and high-quality material from trees grown in sustainable forests.
  4. Storing is very easy – Wood pellets can be stored in any dry room. They are not easy to ignite and do not pose a significant fire hazard. Whereas fossil fuels such as fuel oil, gas, diesel fuel, and coal are easily flammable and contain harmful odours.

Is there a high Demand for wood pellets as we approach the winter heating season?

For the month of August, we generated the most sales we ever had in this month due to the pricing and demand for our wood pellets. As none of us know what is going to happen this upcoming heating season in regards to stock levels, we can say based on demand within the last 2 months, we are expecting to be very busy.

Informative emails were sent throughout the summer advising customers to stock up to ensure they are not left disappointed for the heating season ahead. If you haven’t stocked up, we are strongly advising you to do so. Our Pellet plant Is working 24/7, 7 days a week to full capacity to give us the best chance of meeting all our customer’s needs.

pellet plant

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