About Balcas Energy and our Wood Pellets Story

Balcas Energy Wood Pellets are made locally and distributed across two countries by our own fleet.

We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of high quality wood pellets in the UK and Ireland. Providing fuel services to commercial and domestic customers since 2004.

In 2004, Balcas Energy’s team of engineers pioneered the production of high quality wood pellets.

We are using pure sawdust, co-product of our sawmill operations in Enniskillen. Both our plants making the biomass wood pellets (in Northern Ireland and Scotland) are using renewable, green energy in the manufacturing process.

Balcas Energy wood pellets is part of Balcas, a natural leader in the world of timber

We opened our first sawmill in 1962 and became one of the largest in the UK and Ireland. Our success came from our knowledge of and respect for timber. In our quest to make the most of every precious tree, Balcas Energy was born as the wood pellets side of the business.

A co-product of our operations is pure sawdust. In 2004, using natural tree resin as a binder, our engineers pioneered the production of high-quality biomass wood pellets.

Originally known as brites, our high-grade ENplus A1 wood pellets have since grown to become 50% of our business. In 2016, Balcas purchased the UK’s largest wood pellets distribution company Forever Fuels and in 2019, with growth in mind, rebranded as Balcas Energy. Balcas Energy is proud to employ some of the most experienced biomass pellets experts in the UK and Ireland and thanks to our advanced Combined Heat and Power plant, both of our production sites are self-sufficient.

Balcas Energy’s Invergordon and Enniskillen sites have production capacities of 120,000 tonnes and 60,000 tonnes of Enplus wood pellets respectively. Our operations are so efficient that we put surplus electricity back into the grid throughout the year.

Balcas employs over 380 people and an additional 300 are engaged in forest harvesting and haulage on our behalf.

Balcas Energy is on the Government’s official wood pellets suppliers list

For more information on Ofgem’s wood pellets suppliers list, please visit the Government’s official wood pellets suppliers list HERE 

You will find us trading as Balcas Timber Ltd – our official corporate name for trading.

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