Order Online Bagged Wood Pellets – Available to Order Online Now

bagged wood pellets
  • Ordering online your bagged wood pellets is easy and the price is transparent at all times. You can order up to 8 tons online.
  • Ideal for use on wood pellet boilers and stoves. All our bagged ENplus A1 wood pellets are supplied in easy-to-handle 10kg bags, they are easier to store wherever you like.
  • Our high-quality certified bagged wood pellets provide an ideal solution for your home, a biomass heating system, and are ideal as an emergency backup too.
  • Bagged pellets are in stock now. Lead times are 20+ working days at the moment* and delivery is based on kerbside drop off.
750kg bags of wood pellets

To see the exact Price for your location please click through any of the Green buttons below. This will take you to our quoting system where you can add your Location, Email & Quantity. Once you hit View Price it will then show you the final price you’ll pay, with delivery charges and VAT included.

Balcas Energy high grade ENplus® A1 wood pellet fuel conform to the highest quality standards in the market, with an extremely low moisture and ash content:

How to store Bagged Pellets

We recommend always storing bagged pellets in a dry place and keep free from moisture to prevent damage. We would recommend for domestic users to use a smart bunker to store their wood pellets.

Recycling your Bags

Some Local Councils around the country might currently recycle the bags we use to store our wood pellets. Please check with the local authorities and recycle periodically according to the local guidelines.

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