Summer Check list for your wood pellet boiler

wood pellet boiler

Thanks to the gorgeous weather sweeping across GB and Ireland this month, home owners are powering down their wood pellet boiler and dialling back the heat to enjoy the unseasonably warm temperatures.

Off-peak periods are the perfect time to ensure that your store is clean and your boiler is prepared for the next heating season.  We have devised this four point check to help you maintain optimum performance for your biomass boiler set-up…

Balcas Energy four point check

  • Annual Service.  Make sure that your wood pellet boiler is serviced annually by a certified technician to ensure the appliance is operating safely and correctly. These contacts can be found depending on your area online or via phone book. Before calling someone, please make sure they have the right certifications. Alternatively, you can give us a quick call so we can look this up for you.
  • Thermostat.  Check and adjust your thermostat settings to ensure your heating system is turned down for warm weather, keeping you comfortable and saving energy this summer.
  •  Advance Ordering.  Check your store to gauge when you will need to re-order and don’t leave it until the last minute to avoid being caught out on cool summer nights.  You can easily order online 24/7 a bulk delivery or 10kg bags online via our Online Shop.


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Stay safe and warm!