Wood Pellets for sale and delivered across the UK & Ireland. 

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  • 02-11-22: We have temporarily removed the restriction of  1 pallet of 75x10KG per customer. We are strongly advising our customers to take advantage of this and place their orders now.
  • 07-10-22: Our Christmas delivery cut-off date is Friday, 2nd of December @4:00PM. Please ensure you place your order of our locally produced wood pellets before then to ensure you are stocked up for Christmas.
  • 16-08-22: ATTENTION FOR NEW CUSTOMERSWhen placing your first online order, please do not create an account as you need an account number to have an account with us.
    After you place your first order, you will then receive an account number and this is when accounts can be created.
  • 10-06-22: None of us know what is going to happen next heating season but we just wanted to let you know that if things stay as they are then there could again be a high demand for wood pellets. We strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to fill your fuel store well in advance of what could be another very busy season.

Balcas Energy Wood Pellets:

bagged wood pellets

Bagged Wood Pellets
For Sale

Perfect for homes or businesses without any pellet hopper storage. We can deliver your bagged wood pellets to your address, based on a kerbside delivery

Bulk Wood Pellets
For Sale

Bulk deliveries are delivered by our own fleet of delivery drivers that operate from 8 local depots right around the UK and Ireland.

We make our locally produced wood pellets in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Delivery available everywhere across the UK and Ireland.

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Why should you choose Wood Pellets?

We empower people to choose renewable heating today, by manufacturing & delivering our carbon-neutral pellet fuel to Commercial and Domestic customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We bring reliability to renewable energy, with our extensive delivery network and dedicated customer support team

Our team is available to take your call Monday to Thursday (09.00-17:00) and Friday (09.00-16:30) to answer any quieres you may have in regards to our locally produced wood pellets.

We manufacture our own ENplus A1 Wood Pellets with green energy in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our wood pellet fuel is available at a stable price throughout the year & we are promoting transparent prices online 24/7.

Who are we and how can our Wood Pellets help?

We provide wood pellet fuel to thousands of Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial customers in the UK and Ireland.

Our experienced team offers a complete alternative fuel solution to meet the needs of each individual client. Our team works with clients from the early stages of boiler choice and grant assistance.

If you would like to learn more about our carbon-neutral fuel, talk to a member of our team today (+44 (0) 28 6641 1001) and start saving money on your energy bills.

Our Production

Balcas Energy makes more than 180,000 tonnes of pellets every year. Our biomass wood pellet fuel is sustainably made in dedicated pellet mills based in Enniskillen and Invergordon. Both of these mills generate their own energy requirements, so we can manufacture using green energy.

Every year the number of pellets we supply to the market …

  • Is equivalent to 1 Billion kWh of heat.
  • Displaces more than 100 million litres of oil.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by over 300.000 Tonnes.
  • Helps our customers save millions on their bills.

Balcas Energy is the energy business side of Balcas producing locally produced pellet fuel

Balcas opened its first sawmill in 1962 and became one of the largest timber producers in the UK and Ireland. Our success came from our knowledge of and respect for timber.
In our quest to make the most of every precious tree, Balcas Energy was born. A co-product of our operations is pure sawdust. In 2004, using natural tree resin as a binder, our engineers pioneered the production of high-quality pellets.

Our Growth

Originally known as brites, our high-grade ENplus A1 wood pellets have since grown to become 50% of the Balcas business. In 2016, Balcas purchased the UK’s largest wood pellet distribution company Forever Fuels and in 2019, with growth in mind, rebranded as Balcas Energy. Balcas Energy is proud to employ some of the most experienced biomass experts in the UK and Ireland and thanks to our advanced Combined Heat and Power plant, both of our production sites are self-sufficient, using green energy in the manufacturing process.

Balcas Energy’s Invergordon and Enniskillen production sites have manufacturing capacities of 120,000 tonnes and 60,000 tonnes of carbon-neutral fuel respectively. Our manufacturing operations are so efficient that we put surplus electricity back into the grid throughout the year.

Balcas employs over 380 people and an additional 300 are engaged in forest harvesting and haulage on our behalf.

Balcas Energy is the largest wood pellet supplier in the UK and Ireland.  We are delivering from a number of local depots including Invergordon, Avonmouth, Enniskillen, New Holland, Okehampton, Essex, East Kilbride, Fishburn, and Laragh. We have you covered wherever you are!

Purchasing Wood pellets online

All Wood Pellets Prices are transparent and can be found online via our Online Shop, or via our Online Quoting Tool

Our locally produced pellets are manufactured sustainably from virgin wood residue as a co-product of Balcas’s saw milling process.  The original timber is either spruce or pine and they are locally sourced from sustainably managed forests, accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council.  No waste or recycled wood is used in the manufacturing process of Balcas Energy Wood Pellets.

The Solution to climate change grows in trees…

When a tree falls to the ground and rots, it releases carbon dioxide. When we harvest a tree from a local forest, Balcas uses every part of it to create timber products and energy. The products we create from the timber such as those used in construction become long-term carbon sinks that store carbon long after the original tree would have rotted and decayed if left in the forest naturally. We also use 100% renewable energy to create the wood pellets in our two local plants in Enniskillen and Invergordon.

  • Since trees absorb carbon as they grow, forest growth will balance the carbon emitted by burning wood for energy.

Using  our locally produced carbon – neutral pellet fuel can benefit the climate thanks to a two-fold displacement effect:

    • First, energy is produced from biomass when it would otherwise have been produced by fossil-fuel energy, so significant emissions are avoided by keeping fossil fuels in the ground.
    • Additionally, the alternative fate of wood residue would most likely be to rot and decay, emitting greenhouse gases as it did so.

While the action of burning wood waste itself creates CO2, the net effect is beneficial because of these displacement effects.

Accreditations and Certifications