The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat in Ireland (SSRH)

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) is a government funded initiative designed to increase the energy generated from renewable sources in the heat sector.

The scheme is open to commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating, public sector and other non-domestic heat users.

Heat output is measured using a heat meter and payments are made over a period of 15 years.

Are you generating heat with fossil fuels? Fossil fuel carbon taxes will increase by 400% in the next 10 years Our Wood pellets are 100% carbon neutral and not subject to carbon tax SSRH will pay you for every kWh of heat generated with wood pellets Our Wood pellets are 100% carbon neutral and not subject to carbon tax 1 mwh of heat from wood pellets could receive up to €38,000 per annum through SSRH

In 2021, the share of renewable energy in the heat sector stood at 6.8% in Ireland compared to the EU average of 22%. A renewable energy obligation is currently being created and launched in 2024 that will address this issue.

However, Ireland’s key renewable heat system that was created in 2019 remains open for businesses. The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) was launched in 2019 to help Irish businesses to move from fossil fuels to renewable biomass heating systems.

A qualifying business generating 1MWh of heat would be entitled to claim up to €38,120 per annum for 15 years

Everything you need to know about The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat in Ireland (SSRH)

Who is eligible?

The SSRH is open to all non-domestic, commercial, industrial, and agricultural heat users that are not classified as emission traders. Heat eligibility includes building heating and industrial processs heating.

What Fuels are eligible?    

The SSRH supports only biomass fuels that are sustainable, traceable, and can achieve at least a 70% reduction of CO2 emissions. Wood pellets are included here. In Ireland owing to our forestry industry, Irish wood pellets achieve 100% reduction in emissions.

How much is the payment?

The SSRH starts off with payments of 5.66c/kwh per annum, dropping in stages to 0.37c/kwh depending on how much heat is used.

The Balcas Energy Heat Package for your Business

We are offering a Heat Supply Contract tailored to the heating needs of your business:

• Our team of engineers will visit your site and based on the findings and your brief we will offer you specific design and implementation solutions

• With an established relationship with the leading Boiler & Burner manufacturers, we will fully manage the entire project of installation & commissioning;

• Our team of engineers will carefully look after the ongoing operating, monitoring and maintenance as part of your heat package

• Balcas Energy will assign a Designated Key Account Manager and a Technical Manager for your installation and for the entire contract – according to your requirements

• Flexibility in contracts based on your needs: We can offer an entire Heat package with Monitoring and Maintenance included, or only a Fuel Supply contract for your wood pellets.

How do our Wood Pellets Heat Contracts work?

    • With a heat Supply Contract we will manage your biomass heating system and take care of everything, from installation of boiler, supply of wood pellets, regular maintenance and servicing from our experienced team of engineers.
    • You will only pay for the heat used on a kWh basis, whilst receiving your SSRH payments in your account.

Benefits of Balcas Energy Heat Contracts

    • Long term fuel security with our dedicated delivery fleet
    • Expert team of Engineers to supervise and maintain your entire heating system
    • Full support from a dedicated Account Manager with the SSRH compliance
    • Only pay for the heat used on a kWh basis
    • 24/7 Monitoring of your biomass heating system to detect any downtimes.