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bank holiday

BANK HOLIDAY 13th of July

Our Customer Support office will be closed on Monday, the 13th of July (bank holiday) and will reopen as usual, on Tuesday 14th. You can still order online 24/7 by visiting our Online Shop:     Balcas Energy Team

climate change trees

Five reasons why Tomorrow Depends on Trees

Here are Five reasons why all our Tomorrows Depend on Trees and how Balcas Energy supports the fight against climate change:   1. Carbon Dioxide is warming the earth and accelerating climate change. Trees absorb CO2 and store it. 2. Balcas Energy is made from fast growing softwood – we plant four trees for every […]

renewable energy

Renewable energy edges out fossil fuels as Britain goes coal free for two months

  Last night marked a significant landmark in the renewable energy sector. Great Britain has gone two entire months without burning any coal to generate power. A decade ago about 40% of the country’s electricity came from coal; coronavirus is part of the story, but far from all. When Britain went into lockdown, electricity demand […]

world environment day pellets

World Environment Day

To mark World Environment Day , 4 of Balcas‘ Enniskillen based staff volunteered to litter pick over lunchtime. Two bin bags were filled between them in just 30 minutes along the main stretch of our road. In a telling twist, they got caught out in an angry hale shower in between the sunshine’s rays. Litter is […]

wood pellet burners

Wood Pellet Burners

You can have naturally warm rooms using Wood Pellet Fuel with the ultimate wood pellet burners technology. The modern pellet stoves efficiently, conveniently and cheaply convert our Enplus A1 wood pellets to heat while giving off almost no wood smoke, helping to protect the environment. All modern Wood Pellet Stoves are now stylish home furnishings […]

pellet stoves

Pellet Stoves – Create An Efficiency Factor of More than 90%

A pellet stove can clearly provide heat for the room where it is situated.  However the real benefits come from linking the stove to a back boiler to generate hot water and heating for the rest of the household or organisation.

pellet stoves

How much does it cost to run a Wood Pellets stove?

Wood Pellets Prices and Stoves for home The wood pellets prices and stoves are important to take into account when researching new ways of producing heat for your home. The idea of an efficient wood pellet stove often appeals to homeowners who are tired of paying high home-heating costs during long, cold winters. The initial […]

wood pellet boiler

Summer Check list for your wood pellet boiler

Thanks to the gorgeous weather sweeping across GB and Ireland this month, home owners are powering down their wood pellet boiler and dialling back the heat to enjoy the unseasonably warm temperatures. Off-peak periods are the perfect time to ensure that your store is clean and your boiler is prepared for the next heating season.  […]

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