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Everything You Need To Know about Wood Pellets

As the largest manufacturer and distributor in the UK and Ireland, we thought that in addition to the FAQ section of our website, we would prepare an easy-to-read guide on everything you need to know about wood pellets, how to prepare for the winter, and where to get them! What are Wood Pellets? Wood Pellets […]

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6 key reasons to why businesses should focus on energy efficiency

Many businesses will argue energy efficient is unachievable for many reasons such as: it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a long period to see a reduction in energy usage, and takes years to see a return on investment for energy-efficient projects. This would be very difficult for business managers to adhere to as their main […]

Summer Bank Holiday 29th of August

May Bank Holiday

Our office is closed on Monday, 1st of May for the May bank holiday. We’ll reopen as normal on Tuesday, 2nd of May. Our Online Shop is still open as normal and you can order online anytime you want. You can send us a message via our site or email us and we’ll respond once […]

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Island Pellet Stoves

site visit

Site Visit to our Enniskillen Plant

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