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New Year’s Ordering!

Christmas Balcas Energy

Christmas Holidays – Office Closing Times

With Christmas fast approaching you’re probably making your list and checking it twice! We just wanted to inform you that Our Office will be closed for the Christmas holidays on the 27th, 28th of December 2021, and 3rd of January 2022. However, you will still be able to order online anytime you wish on our […]

What is a wood pellet stove?

Wood pellet stoves are an excellent addition in reaching net zero by 2050. Wood Pellet stoves are eco-friendly alternatives as they are not fuelled by fossil fuels. Wood Pellet Stoves are efficient, convenient, and operated by wood pellet fuel. Wood pellet stoves produce little wood smoke and provide an exceptional amount of heat compared to […]

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Is this the right time to move towards renewable energy?

As you are probably aware the cost of fossil fuels like heating oil, LPG, and natural gas for heating your home or business has increased significantly in recent months. Whatever their price fossil fuels contain carbon and other harmful emissions that are released when burnt leading to global warming. Now you can help save the […]

Winter is coming. Place your online order now!

Reports suggest that ROI is expecting winter normality with temperatures getting colder and mist & fog filling the atmosphere. However, the UK is predicted for an unexpected turn with temperatures set to drop this winter.   November has been a very mild month in the UK but weather forecasts have predicted a completely different atmosphere […]

How much CO2 is saved by burning wood pellets?

As you are probably aware COP26 ended at the weekend. It involved representatives from around 200 nations coming together to address how best to address the threat of climate change. Each day involved setting new targets for cutting emissions from the burning of fossil fuels to eco-friendly alternatives such as wood pellets to try and […]

What is COP26?

The United Nations global warming conference in Glasgow (COP26), Started on Monday 1st November 2021 and is considered a crucial moment for efforts to address the threat of climate change. More than 100 heads of state and government and thousands of representitives are meeting to set new targets for cutting emissions from burning coal, oil, and gas […]

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Order your wood pellets in advance…Christmas is coming

With winter approaching, it is essential that your home and wood pellet boiler are prepared for colder days ahead and you secure your Christmas order. Ensure that your Wood Pellets supply is topped up to guarantee that your family stays comfortable as we approach the winter months and enter the New Year. To secure your […]

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