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All the different pallet sizes of bagged wood pellets available in your area!

Balcas Energy is the largest producer and distributor of high-grade wood pellets and has been supplying fuel since 2004 in the UK and Ireland. We currently offer bagged wood pellets for consumers located in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Scotland, Isle of Sky, and Wales that are delivered on a pallet. Delivery has been […]

Safe and Secure – Storing your bagged wood pellets

If you buy bagged wood pellets from us…how do you store them? Throw the bags in the garage, leave them out in the garden, or under a protective shelter that protects them from rain? It is essential that you store your wood pellets in a dry condition to get the best results. Ideally keep your […]

Hello Autumn!

As we enter the cold Autumn temperatures, we have put together our usual checklist to help you maintain optimum performance for your biomass boiler set-up this Autumn:   Store is clean – As recommended in our Summer Fuel Store Maintenance Guide. Annual Service completed – Make sure that your biomass boiler is serviced annually by a certified […]

What impact do Wood Pellets have on Climate Change?

For decades, the wood residue from manufacturing & sawmilling processes was burned in beehive burners and unwanted logs, branches, and tops from harvesting were left on site, creating fire and insect risks. Today, an increasing amount of that is being turned into wood pellets. Here at Balcas Energy, our locally produced pellets are manufactured sustainably […]

Recycle week 2021

Recycle Week is Recycle Now’s flagship annual event which is a celebration of recycling across the nation. It has now been operating for 18 years and it’s the one week of the year where retailers, brands, waste management companies, trade associations, governments, and the media come together to achieve one goal: to galvanise the public […]

Renewable energy is the way forward for heating poultry houses

Members of our team attended a webinar recently based on providing a renewable, energy efficient solution for heating poultry houses. This was organized and recorded by Teagasc Poultry. Within the webinar, Paula, Colm and Gerard, provided lots of great information on why moving to renewable energy in this specific sector will be better for the […]

Why businesses should be more Energy Efficient

Many business account managers will say becoming energy efficient is unachievable for many reasons such as: it doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a long period to see a reduction in energy usage, and takes years to see a return on investment for energy-efficient projects. This would be very difficult for business managers to adhere to […]

We predict a very busy winter season this year, don’t leave it too late to order

Here at Balcas energy, we are expecting a very busy season and strongly recommend all our customers to order as in advance as possible to benefit of the current lead times and avoid soon-to-come longer waiting times.   As we all know from entering local supermarkets and doing online orders, there are many gaps and […]

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