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bagged wood pellets

Are you ready for Autumn?

  Last days of summer are here. To get ready for the cold Autumn temperatures we have put together this checklist to help you maintain optimum performance for your biomass boiler set-up this Autumn:   Store is clean – As recommended in our Summer Fuel Store Maintenance Guide. Annual Service completed – Make sure that your biomass boiler is serviced […]

august bank holiday

BANK HOLIDAY 31st of August

  Our Customer Support office will be closed on Monday, the 31st of August (bank holiday) and will reopen as usual, on Tuesday 1st of September. You can still order online 24/7 by visiting our Online Shop:     Alternatively, you can drop us a note by filling in the form on our contact page, […]

Bagged Wood Pellets versus Bulk Wood Pellets

Because we make our own biomass pellets locally, we have control over the product’s quality  from tree to flame. Therefore, the product we use for both bagged wood pellets and bulk deliveries is the same high quality, accredited and certified product. We are producing the bagged wood pellets using our own robot, named Robbie, who […]

What are Wood Pellets?

Wood pellets are a compressed form of wood biomass, and wood pellets from Balcas Energy are made from high quality wood residue produced as a by-product of Balcas’ saw milling sustainable processes in Northern Ireland and Scotland. It is a low-carbon, eco-friendly alternative to the traditional fossil fuels. At Balcas we control the manufacturing process […]

rain day

What Rain Day and Wood Pellets have in common?

Today is known as Rain Day. And while we have no scientific data to back up the following claim; we reckon we hail from the rainiest part of the world (outside of the rain forest of course).  Balcas HQ is located in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, where we have the rain to thank for its scenery; […]

enplus wood pellets

Everything You Need To Know about Wood Pellets

As the largest manufacturer and distributor in the UK and Ireland, we thought that in addition to the FAQ section of our website, we would prepare an easy to read guide on everything you need to know about wood pellets, how to prepare for the winter and where to get them! What are Wood Pellets? […]

enplus wood pellets

The Secret to Trouble Free Heating

The ENplus Wood Pellets supplied by us are of the highest quality so we can guarantee trouble free heating from the fuel perspective. Like any other technology, Wood Pellet Burners need to be carefully monitored and regularly serviced. But did you know that using a consistently high quality wood pellet can bring you trouble free […]

bank holiday

BANK HOLIDAY 13th of July

Our Customer Support office will be closed on Monday, the 13th of July (bank holiday) and will reopen as usual, on Tuesday 14th. You can still order online 24/7 by visiting our Online Shop:     Balcas Energy Team

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