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Bagged Wood Pellets

10kg bagged wood pellets ENplus A1 accredited and suitable for burning in wood pellet stoves and biomass boilers. Delivery for bags is based on kerbside drop off.

How long does a 10KG bag of wood pellets last?

Our locally produced bagged pellets that we produce in 10 KG bags of pellets last between 1 and 3 days depending on the usage of your appliance.

Bulk Pellets

ENplus A1  Bulk Wood Pellets is our most popular method of supply,
using our own special lorries and trained drivers.

  • You can order online up to 8 tonnes of blown pellets.  For more than 8 tonnes please call the office or your local representative.
  • We supply the pellets from 8 local depots across the UK and Ireland, using our own fleet of delivery drivers. This reduces cross contamination risks and delivery times.

All our Wood Pellets Prices include VAT & Delivery charges to your address

  • ENplus A1 & BSL certified for Bags & Bulk
  • We make our wood pellets locally in the UK with green energy
  • The live quote for your location include delivery and VAT
  • We offer Exclusive Online Voucher Discounts to our loyal customers
  • Low ash and one of the lowest CO2 of any UK wood pellet fuel
  • Biomass pellets suitable for burning in stoves and biomass boilers
  • All pellets screened before packing & delivery to minimise dust
  • Order Online & Get Delivery within days

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Balcas Energy Wood Pellets

Our wood pellet fuel is sustainably manufactured in our local plants in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Manufacturing our carbon-neutral fuel locally costs you less, whilst contributing to reducing the CO2 emissions that our competitors might produce when importing foreign pellets.

Balcas Energy biomass pellets are quality certified and have multiple accreditations to attest superior quality of manufacturing and final product.
Click below to see all certificates for our locally produced carbon-neutral fuel.

The wood pellets produced by Balcas Energy our locally produced and meet En Plus A1 standards. This should have a huge factor when considering your wood pellets provider as many suppiers sell EnPlusA1 wood pellets they are sourced or imported from Russia and Belarus, they are not locally produced.

It is estimated that up to 40% of the ENplus® pellets used in the UK are imported from Russia and Belarus leaving many suppliers low on stock. At Balcas Energy, we have felt the pressure of this as we make our wood pellet fuel with green energy in our two local plants in Enniskillen (Northern Ireland) and Invergordon (Scotland) meaning we have been providing more customers than usual.

Here at Balcas Energy, we use a sustainable manufacturing process, by using renewable energy and the highest quality material to make our EnPlus A1 Wood Pellets.

Why should you choose Balcas Energy ENplus® A1 certified wood pellets?

A key advantage of ENplus® is that pellet quality is managed throughout the entire supply chain including production, storage, and transport to the end consumer.

Wood pellet specificationAt Balcas Energy, our locally manufactured Wood pellets are ENplus® A1 & BSL certified. We have listed a comprehensive list of our certificates and accreditations on this page, where we let customers see and download any document they need for their peace of mind and high-quality proofing – Our company can also be found on the official ENplus® A1 quality scheme website.

We control these high-quality standards since we manipulate the trees and timber, through the sustainable local manufacturing process in our two plants in Northern Ireland and Scotland through the entire delivery with our special fleet, and to your home or business address.

Please click on the image to see the specifications of our wood pellets compared to the ENplus® A1 quality scheme requirements.

What are the potential issues with using non ENplus®A1 certified wood pellets?

With customers using noncertified wood pellets, they are most likely going to encounter one of the following:

  • Higher ash content –up to 10 times greater. More ash means less energy efficiency and increased boiler maintenance.
  • Lower ash melting temperature – greater risk of clinker causing blockages on the grate and reduced efficiencies.
  • Higher chlorine contents – The risk of accelerated heat exchanger corrosion in your biomass appliance.
  • Higher percentage fines content due to lower durability.
  • Very high chance of causing your appliance problems as soon as they enter the fuel delivery system. Non-certified pellets will look similar to certified pellets, you cannot tell the difference just from a visual inspection but they could behave very differently in your boiler.