Still burning wet wood or household coals in an open fire?

wood pellets winter

wood pellets winter

In the cold dark winter evenings, we all love to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot drink taking in the heat from an open fire or multifuel stove. What if we told you that burning coal or wet wood in an open fire is very inefficient and has the biggest impact on our national emissions of particulate matter. Would you consider using wood pellets.

When it comes to using open fireplaces to generate heat, they are not very efficient when warming up a household. The heat that is produced from an open fire, can be lost by traveling up the chimney or by the draft pulling the heat from the room.

Are wood-burning stoves coming to an end?

No,  but “Polluting Fuels” such as wet wood and many types of household coals that provide heat from burning in stoves are being phased out in many parts of the UK & Ireland to help clean the air.

Why are these being banned?

The UK and Ireland have decided to ban the use of wet wood and many types of household coals based on the little particle pollutants (known as PM2.5 that penetrate the blood and lungs) that are created when burning wet wood and household coals.

What alternatives can we turn to?

wood pellets

wood pellets

When it comes to cleaner fuels, this is referred to as Wood Pellets. Wood Pellets are an excellent alternative as they produce less smoke, pollution, are cheaper, and are more efficient to burn.

How do I burn wood pellets?

Wood pellets need to be used in special appliances to get the most efficient use. The efficiency of pellet stoves can exceed up to 90% compared to the 5-15% efficiency of an open fire.

Where can I purchase or inquire about modern pellet stoves?

Examples of modern pellet stoves can be provided by specialist suppliers across the UK & ROI. Wood pellet stoves are an efficient appliance that produces much less ash & particulate matter allowing you to still enjoy watching the flames and absorbing the heat on a cold dark evening that is produced from Balcas Energy’s locally produced wood pellets.

If you are interested in moving to renewable energy and doing your part to help the environment, please contact us and a member of our customer support team will help with any queries you may have.

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