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The environment is at the heart of what we do at Balcas Energy. Instead of Promoting Black Friday, we created ‘Green Week’. During this time, we supported Warriors For Humanity on their mission of planting 1 million trees in Kenya.

For all online ordering during ‘Green Week’, Balcas Energy would donate 10 trees per order to be planted in Kenya. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued support in purchasing our locally-produced wood pellets, especially during ‘Green week’.

It is our pleasure to reveal that a brilliant total of 2,500 trees are being donated on our customer’s behalf in Kenya!

What is the aim of Warriors For Humanity?

Warriors For Humanity are on a mission to plant 1 million trees in East Africa resulting in 31,250 tonnes of carbon being removed. 50 Participants from Ireland made their way to Kenya to plant these trees with the additional benefits of providing food, income, shelter, and tools for communities affected by climate change.

Why did Balcas Energy choose Warriors for Humanity?

Warriors For Humanity We have chosen Warriors For Humanity this year in support of Glennon Brothers who are sponsoring their very own Longford ‘warrior’ Mickey Quinn, who made the journey out to Kenya trying to improve the living standards of local communities.

How do Balcas Energy wood pellets help the environment?

Our wood pellets at Balcas Energy are created to a high standard, bagged securely, and meet ENplus A1 certification standards which ensures your biomass appliance will not face any issues such as high carbon emissions which may be experienced with other wood pellets.

When choosing your wood pellets, it is important to know where they come from and how they are produced to ensure they are created sustainably and have a good impact on the environment.

When a tree falls to the ground and rots, it releases carbon dioxide. When we harvest a tree from a local forest, Balcas uses every part of it to create timber products and energy. Balcas ensures more trees are planted for each one we use. The products we manufacture from our timber such as those used in construction become long-term carbon sinks  – storing carbon for many years.

We use 100% renewable energy to create our wood pellets in our two local plants in Enniskillen and Invergordon.  Please watch our video to learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

If you would like to further support Warriors For Humanity, please click HERE.

Thank you for playing your part for the planet.

Balcas Energy