Balcas Energy Heat Contracts – Wood Burning pellets

Balcas Energy offers tailored Heat Contracts, where we will manage the entire infrastructure of your biomass heating system, whilst you will only pay for the kWh of the heat you use. Best wood burning pellets for efficient kWh provided.


We can offer a Wood Pellets Heat Supply Contract tailored for your business’ heating needs

wood pellets• Our team of skilled engineers will visit your site and based on the findings and your requirements we will offer you specific design and operational solutions

• With well established relationships with the leading Boiler & Burner manufacturers, Balcas Energy can fully manage the entire aspect from Specification, Design, Installation, through to Operation, Service and Maintenance

• We can offer flexible Operating, Monitoring, Service and Maintenance packages

• Every project will have both a Designated Key Account and a Technical Manager overseeing your installation and the entire contract thereafter

• Flexibility in contracts based on your needs: We can offer an entire Heat package with Monitoring and Maintenance included, or Wood Pellets Fuel Supply contract for your wood pellets manufactured in our UK based Wood Pellet Production Plants.


How do our Wood Pellets Heat Contracts work?

wood pelletsThrough a heat Supply Contract, we will manage your biomass heating system and take care of everything, from plant installation thru to the ordering and supply of our UK produced wood pellets fuel, payable as a kWh heat used basis.

Benefits of our Wood Pellets Heat Contracts

  • Long term fuel security with UK manufactured wood pellets
  • Wood Pellets produced using only renewable and sustainable supplies and processes
  • Dedicated delivery fleet of over 30 vehicles
  • Expert team of Engineers to supervise, service and maintain your entire heating system
  • Full support from a dedicated Account & Technical Manager
  • Only pay for the heat used on a kWh basis
  • 24/7 Monitoring of your wood burning pellets heating system to minimise any downtimes.