What are Wood Pellets?

Balcas Energy Wood pellets are a compressed form of wood biomass, made from high quality wood residue produced as a by-product of Balcas’ saw milling sustainable processes in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It is a low-carbon, eco-friendly alternative to the traditional fossil fuels.

At Balcas we control the manufacturing process and deliveries, so from tree to flame. This guarantees a constant supply of consistently high quality wood pellets fuel all year round. A renewable energy, providing the ultimate, sustainable, high quality and price stable fuel.

Our bulk and bagged wood pellets have the ENPlus A1 certification and the BSL sustainability authorisation, which both guarantee a high quality and sustainable nature of the wood pellets that we provide.

If you’re looking for the Cheapest wood Pellets, the most calorific and sustainably produced in our local communities (Scotland and Northern Ireland), you’ve reached the right site! We are now the UK’s Largest manufacturer & distributor of wood pellets in Ireland and UK.

Bagged Wood Pellets from Balcas Energy

bagged wood pellets balcas energy


If you have questions about our locally produced pellet fuel…

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Balcas Energy is on the Government’s official wood pellets suppliers list

For more information on Ofgem’s wood pellets suppliers list, please visit the Government’s official wood pellets suppliers list HERE 

You will find us trading as Balcas Timber Ltd – our official corporate name for trading.