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We get asked by many of our customers “do we know anyone who provides wood pellet stoves?”. We have decided to connect with trustworthy and reliable providers by promoting their products on our webpage.

The story behind Island Pellet Stoves

We love heating our homes with wood – the focal point of the heat, the flickering of the light, and the knowledge that trees keep growing to produce more fuel.

The founders of Island Pellet Stoves had both worked in different areas of sustainability and the wood energy market since the mid 90’s, but having owned log stoves and wood pellet boilers and being dedicated advocates of wood heating there was just something missing…

There was not a pellet stove on the market that could replace the roaring log stove that sat in our living rooms. The reasons were that the pellet stoves on the market were too noisy, too big to fit in the fireplace, and had a flame that was more like an industrial burner than the flickering light and atmosphere of the flames of a log stove.

The adventure began over a Christmas drink by a ‘wood fire’ and 7 years later we are in production. We didn’t only meet our brief but completely exceeded it with high efficiency, low emissions, robustness, and an award.

Our experience

Our founding inventors have a combined experience of over 40 years of product design, biomass combustion research and development, and engineering for low-carbon buildings. We spent several years in the technical development stages and ran up over 10,000 hours of use before launching our product.

Our principles

We sell direct and individually oversee the design, specification, and commissioning of every stove. Although this process takes more time and effort – our belief is that this is the best way to ensure every product will be correctly set up and handed over to each customer. It’s our commitment to make sure you will love your stove as much as we do.

The Lundy pellet stove with ultralow emissions

Woodburning stoves are efficient, look terrific, and have a lovely burning flame. But what about the particulate emissions? Or the hassle? Now there’s a new type of woodburning stove that has all the benefits but none of the drawbacks: the Lundy wood pellet stove.

In a study run by Leeds University, pellet stoves were found to be up to 30 times cleaner than woodburning stoves, resulting in far fewer particulates in exhaust gases and cleaner air in your home.

The wood pellets are automatically fed into the Lundy pellet stove so you have none of the hassle of having to add logs. Hands-free ignition means no more struggles getting your fire lit. It is programmable and controllable by a smartphone. So you can set it to come on at a regular time or light it remotely so it’s warm when you come home.

The robustly built, thick steel, fully welded casing has a satisfyingly smooth finish that looks superb in a modern house and produces a beautiful flame.

The Lundy Pellet Stove, unlike wood burners, doesn’t require a tall chimney and can even be run horizontally using a balanced flue. This opens up many more options for where it can be positioned in your home.

I had always had wood burners, but these are somewhat of a blunt instrument in comparison to the Lundy pellet stove. Awesome product and a great company.” Richard Frost

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Why should you choose Balcas Energy ENplus® A1 certified pellets?

A key advantage of ENplus® is that pellet quality is managed throughout the entire supply chain including production, storage, and transport to the end consumer.

Wood pellet specificationAt Balcas Energy, our locally manufactured Wood pellets are ENplus® A1 & BSL certified. We have listed a comprehensive list of our certificates and accreditations on this page, where we let customers see and download any document they need for their peace of mind and high-quality proofing – Our company can also be found on the official ENplus® A1 quality scheme website.

We control these high-quality standards since we manipulate the trees and timber, through the sustainable local manufacturing process in our two plants in Northern Ireland and Scotland through the entire delivery with our special fleet, and to your home or business address.

Please click on the image to see the specifications of our wood pellets compared to the ENplus® A1 quality scheme requirements.

What are the potential issues with using non ENplus®A1 certified pellets?

With customers using noncertified wood pellets, they are most likely going to encounter one of the following:

  • Higher ash content –up to 10 times greater. More ash means less energy efficiency and increased boiler maintenance.
  • Lower ash melting temperature – greater risk of clinker causing blockages on the grate and reduced efficiencies.
  • Higher chlorine contents – The risk of accelerated heat exchanger corrosion in your biomass appliance.
  • Higher percentage fines content due to lower durability.
  • Very high chance of causing your appliance problems as soon as they enter the fuel delivery system. Non-certified pellets will look similar to certified pellets, you cannot tell the difference just from a visual inspection but they could behave very differently in your boiler.

4 key aspects of ENplus® Certified wood pellets

Balcas Sustainability Manufacturing Process

Balcas is a business that is focused on the future. And there is no better future than one we can control.

At Balcas we believe that sustainably managed forests are our future. So we innovate with timber, taking care to use it as efficiently as possible, ensuring four trees are planted for every one we harvest.

Forests are the lungs of the planet and we are proud of the contribution that we are making towards fighting climate change:

If you need to speak to us about our locally produced high-quality wood pellets, please contact us by clicking HERE.

Thank You,

Balcas Energy