Safe and Secure – Storing your bagged wood pellets

If you buy bagged wood pellets from us…how do you store them? Throw the bags in the garage, leave them out in the garden, or under a protective shelter that protects them from rain? It is essential that you store your wood pellets in a dry condition to get the best results. Ideally keep your bags indoors in the garage or shed.


Storing them in the house/garage can be troublesome. They take up space that you may need; or cause worry in the event of a fire. Here at Balcas Energy want to ensure you get the best results from burning our wood pellets, in safety. We have considered the issue of storing wood pellets in domestic situations and looked at various solutions. We have also created a special page based on wood pellets storage and you can read it here.

We would also like to introduce you a smart innovative way to keep your pellets dry and safe – the SmartBunker™.

What is the SmartBunker™?

The SmartBunker™ is a strong waterproof UV-resistant polyethylene storage bunker. It does not rust or rot. It stands upright, allowing secure dry storage, easy filling, and dispensing for up to 200kg of our pellets. Bending and lifting are reduced to a minimum. And you can throw away the shovel.

It takes up very little floor space and it can be located either indoors or outdoors. Because of its shape, it throws off any rainwater that falls on it. The pellets are stored about 600mm (2’) above ground level, preventing most flood damage events. Wet pellets in our experience do not burn well which is why we want to ensure we offer the best solution for wood pellet storage!

wood pellet storage



Up to now, no specific technical or safety standards have been developed for this type of equipment. However, SmartBunker™ has just been awarded a unique HETAS listing on consideration of the advantages it offers over other domestic solid fuel bunker systems.

If you are interested in more information on the SmartBunker™, please visit and a member of their sales team will help with any queries you may have based on wood pellet storage.


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