Why to buy Bagged wood pellets and why they’re a good choice for your home

Because we make our own biomass pellets locally, we have control over the product’s quality  from tree to flame. So the product we use for both bagged wood pellets and the ones in our bulk deliveries is the same high qualityaccredited and certified product.


We are producing the bagged wood pellets in the same way as we produce our bulk pellets, and you can find the entire manufacturing process here. After the wood pellets are produced, some go to our bulk delivery vehicles, who transport the wood pellets in bulk to homes, businesses, hospitals, shopping centers etc.

Another part of the manufactured wood pellets are sent to the bagging area, where thanks to our own packaging robot, named Robbie, we can put the pellet fuel in 10kg bags – this makes our packaging activities even more energy efficient & keeps the wood pellets free of any risk of cross-contamination.

What’s so special about our bagged wood pellets?


  • Ordering online whenever you want to buy bagged wood pellets is easy and price is transparent at all times.
  • Ideal for use on wood pellet boilers and stoves.
  • When you buy our bagged wood pellets they are supplied in easy to handle 10kg bags, they are easier to store wherever you like.
  • They are high quality, certified and provide an ideal solution for your home, a biomass heating system and are ideal as an emergency back-up too.
  • Easy to order online anytime you need them – we deliver kerbside and at the moment delivery times are up to 7 working days.

750kg bags of wood pellets

750kg bags of wood pellets


We recommend always storing bagged fuel in a dry place and keep free from moisture to prevent damage.



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