Robbie the Robot joins the brites Team…Adding Capacity For Bagged Brites

If you’re ordering 10Kg bags of brites direct online you will spot some differences to our pallets of locally produced 10kg wood pellets. Earlier this year we had a new robot commissioned to stack and wrap our 10kg bags. The robot has been christened Robbie by the rest of the brites team.

Following the global bagged pellet shortage that occurred during the winter of 2017/2018 we felt it necessary to increase capacity so now our bagging factory can operate operate 24/7. This investment will help ensure we can be respond to peaks in demand and get our home grown bagged pellets delivered to you when you require them.

Robbie is very meticulous and makes sure that the pallets are stacked neater than before and as part of the automated bagging process the bags are gently rolled to make them flatter to aid the pallet building. This flattening of the bags mean that the finished pallet will look smaller than you are used to. A typical pallet is now 200mm shorter than the previous pallet stacked manually.

Balcas brites are still:

Made locally from locally grown timber that we process in our saw mills.
Made to exceed EnplusA1 requirments.
High calorific value
Low fines levels
Low ash

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