Is this the right time to move towards renewable energy?

As you are probably aware the cost of fossil fuels like heating oil, LPG, and natural gas for heating your home or business has increased significantly in recent months. Whatever their price fossil fuels contain carbon and other harmful emissions that are released when burnt leading to global warming. Now you can help save the planet while moving to a more sustainable cost-effective heating source for your home such as wood pellets.

Benefits of Wood Pellets:

  • Energy efficiency: Balcas Energy wood pellets are an efficient heating fuel source. Our wood pellets are a consistent manufactured fuel that contains little to no moisture or ash, compared with other wood-based fuel sources like logs and woodchip. When used in a suitable appliance our wood pellets can achieve an efficiency of greater than 90%.
  • A renewable resource: Unlike fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas which have limited supplies, locally produced wood pellets are a renewable resource. Here at Balcas Energy, we consider our wood pellets a sustainable fuel as for every tree we use, 4 more are planted ensuring new trees are always taking root and growing.
  • Sustainable: Related to the renewability issue, locally produced Balcas Energy pellets are also sustainable and less impacted by the volatility caused by unpredictable global risks.
  • Lower emissions: Balcas Energy pellets are a carbon-neutral fuel. When used in suitable appliances harmful particulate emissions from our wood pellet fuel are extremely low.
  • Cost-effective and affordable: Bioenergy appliances such as stoves are affordable to purchase and install compared to other types of renewable appliances.

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