Fancy some alfresco cooking before summer comes to an end? You can also save on cleaning your kitchen after meal time by cooking and eating outdoors.

Did you know wood pellet pizza ovens are known to offer a “different class” of home pizza due to their authentic pizzeria taste. Gas pizza ovens cannot provide the same taste as a homemade, wood-fired pizza. Wood-fired pizzas are even better when you cook with locally produced premium quality wood pellets produced by Balcas Energy instead of wood blocks or logs.

There are many different pizza ovens to choose from such as Ooni Fyra, Ooni 3, Ooni 2, Ooni Karu, Dellonda, Outi, Aldi, Piccolo Portable, Woody, Haven, Klarstein Diavolo, Big Horn, VonHaus, Burnhard Nero, and Fresh Grills. However, to get the best efficiency it is crucial to choose the correct wood source such as wood pellets.

Our Locally produced wood pellets are perfect for pizza ovens as they are easy to light and combust efficiently due to meeting rigorous EnPlus A1 quality standards. Our carbon-neutral wood pellets are produced from virgin wood fibre from our sawmills with no additives.

What is the best-reviewed pizza oven?

There are many review sites for wood pellet pizza ovens that work very well with our locally produced wood pellets. A link to one such site is below. Please note we take no responsibility for the content of external websites.

To read more about the top 10 indoor and outdoor pizza ovens, please visit:

5 reasons why you should choose Balcas energy wood pellets to fuel your wood pellet pizza oven over gas

There are many benefits to using wood pellets to heat your home or business. Please see the top 5 reasons for the benefits of wood pellets:

  • A cost-effective fuel – Over the longer term, the price of Wood pellets has been a lot more stable than fossil fuel alternatives.
  • The carbon footprint of wood pellets – Wood pellets are classed as carbon neutral by the UK and EU as well as most other governments. At Balcas, we produce our wood pellets with renewable energy which further improves their environmental credentials.
  • Forests can directly benefit – By using sustainable sources of wood fibre for production, burning pellets releases fewer carbon emissions than if trees were left to decompose in the forest. This allows forest management bodies to enhance the rate of carbon elimination from the environment by replanting more younger trees that absorb CO2 faster than older trees.
  • Wood pellets are natural – When it comes to using pellets, there are no chemicals or dangerous additives included that could be harmful to you or the environment. Our wood pellet fuel is made from sawmill residues using renewable energy we produce onsite.
  • Storing is very easy – Wood pellets that come in bags or bulk should be stored in a dry area indoors or a special fuel store. Guidelines on the storage of wood pellets can be found on the trade association website as follows:

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