The UK government recently announced zero vat on energy improvements such as the installation of energy-efficient wood pellet boilers. This zero vat rating will be available for domestic and commercial users in some areas of the UK.

Wood pellet boilers are an excellent choice when considering renewable heating. Wood pellet boilers can meet the needs of most domestic and commercial users with a wide variety available to choose from. The winter of 21/22 has seen huge rises in the cost of fossil fuels such as oil, LPG, and natural gas. This means the move to renewable energy such as wood pellets makes even more sense as you can not only reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business but also costs.

What Is A Wood Pellet Boiler?

Wood pellet boilers are boilers fuelled by wood pellets. The wood pellets used are from organic matter created from wood.

Wood pellet boilers are an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to gas and oil burners used In many households. Wood pellet boilers are affordable, long-lasting, and future proof which is vital in protecting our climate. They are normally easier and therefore cheaper to install than other renewable alternatives such as heat pumps as you can generally reuse the existing radiators and flow and return hot water pipework in your building.

How Do They Work?

Wood pellet boilers are very simple to use and come with modern controls that allow them to be controlled remotely from your phone making sure you only use heat when you need to. They are fully automatic and will signal you via your phone or email if they need attention such as servicing. As wood pellets are a consistently manufactured dry fuel they produce very low amounts of ash with some only needing attention once every month. The ash generated from burning wood pellets can be used in your household garden as fertisiler which can be another benefit of wood pellets.

What Fuel Does A Biomass Boiler use?

A wood pellet boiler can use wood pellets but you should seek high-quality Enplus A1 wood pellets like Balcas Energy’s locally produced wood pellets. Here at Balcas Energy, we can guarantee customers wood pellets all year round by creating a contract that ensures the quantity required for your wood pellet boiler will be available when you need it.

Wood Pellets can be produced from compacted sawdust, woodwork/forestry waste, and wood shavings. Wood pellets are the most commonly used fuel for domestic biomass boilers. They are designed to suit the automated hopper system and are often ordered and delivered in large quantities so that you can stock up for continued usage. Wood pellets take up little room but provide great efficiency.

Please watch the video below that outlines the manufacturing process of our locally produced wood pellets:

It is important to ensure you have space to store your wood pellets. For bagged wood pellets we would recommend using a Smart Bunker to store pellets or that they are stored indoors in a dry place. For bulk deliveries, it is still essential that the correct planning takes place before finalising a decision on the fuel store location.

Which Type of Wood Pellet Boiler Should You Install?

When deciding which wood pellet boiler you need a specialised installation company will visit the property and advise you on which one to choose.

Wood pellet boilers take up a small amount of space due to their small size. However, it is still very effective in providing heat. If you are looking to install a renewable heating system in your home, then you will probably be looking for a wood pellet boiler that won’t feel cramped in the space available and looks the part in the house of wood pellet boilers becoming viable heating systems in modern properties.

The cost of installing a wood pellet boiler can vary depending on the size you require, however, for domestic users, wood pellet stoves can be purchased between £2000 – £5000.

How Efficient Are Wood Pellet Boilers?

Wood pellet boilers have a similar level of efficiency to modern condensing gas and oil boilers. This means they achieve efficiencies of over 90%. A great advantage to wood pellet boilers being they provide the same heat while not burning fossil fuels, meaning you will be helping the environment by cutting your carbon footprint.

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