Sustainability Champions 2022

Balcas was pleased to be recognised at the Fermanagh Herald Business Awards on Friday night, picking up Sustainability Strategy Of The Year.

sustainability awardOver many years Balcas has developed, and lives by, a robust and comprehensive sustainability strategy. 100% of our raw materials come from sustainably managed forests. This means that the forests are managed and certified for continuity of forest growth, and bio-diversity improvement and management.

Balcas generates all of its own energy; it is a major provider of renewable fuel for heat; and, its timber products for building lock up O2 for many decades. The use of world leading computer optimising technology, and constant energy use minimisation helps the continuous drive to eliminate waste.

Balcas was incorporated 60 years ago and has provided secure and quality employment to the North West throughout that time. Our wage contribution to the local economy in those 60 years is over half a billion pounds and if dedicated forestry, and service subcontractors are included this number is estimated to exceed £1billion.

Congratulations to all of our team for bringing #sustainability to the fore in every part of our story.

What impact do Wood Pellets have on Climate Change?

For decades, the wood residue from manufacturing & sawmilling processes was burned in beehive burners and unwanted logs, branches, and tops from harvesting were left on site, creating fire and insect risks. Today, an increasing amount of that is being turned into wood pellets.

Here at Balcas Energy, our locally produced pellets are manufactured sustainably from virgin wood residue as a co-product of Balcas’s sawmilling process.  The original timber is either spruce or pine and they are locally sourced from sustainably managed forests, accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council. Our pellets can be delivered all across UK and ROI ensuring our consumers can do their part in helping the environment.

How do they have an effect on the environment?

Wood pellets are part of the climate change solution as we switch away from fossil fuels. The energy industry is increasingly using biomass to replace fossil fuels to substantially lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Wood pellets are supported a lot when it comes to providing energy. The worlds leading authority on climate change known as The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has recognised the significant GHG mitigation potential of biomass as much as 80 to 90% provided that it is developed sustainably and used efficiently.

Why choose Balcas Energy?

wood pelletsThe wood pellets created at Balcas Energy are created to a high standard, bagged securely, and meet ENplus A1 certification standards which ensures your biomass appliance will most likely not face any issues from the wood pellets we create.

When choosing wood pellets, it is good to know where they come from and how they are produced as many of us would like to ensure they are created in a way that is sustainable and has a good impact on the environment.

When a tree falls to the ground and rots, it releases carbon dioxide. When we harvest a tree from a local forest, Balcas uses every part of it to create timber products, energy, and ensures four more trees are planted. The products we create from the timber such as those used in construction become long-term carbon sinks that store carbon long after the original tree would have rotted and decayed if left in the forest naturally. We also use 100% renewable energy to create wood pellets in our two local plants in Enniskillen and Invergordon.  Please watch our sustainability video that outlines how Balcas Energy performs.

Here at Balcas Energy, our main aim is to provide good quality wood pellets at a competitive price to ensure our customers get excellent renewable energy. If you have any queries please check our FAQ page before contacting us.

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