What Rain Day and Wood Pellets have in common?

rain day balcas energy
Today is known as Rain Day.

And while we have no scientific data to back up the following claim; we reckon we hail from the rainiest part of the world (outside of the rain forest of course). 

Balcas HQ is located in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, where we have the rain to thank for its scenery; beautiful greens and plenty of blue. In fact it is said that half the year – the lakes are in Fermanagh and the other half, well… Fermanagh is in the lake.
We’re actually quite fond of the wet stuff.
Rain after all one of the ingredients for growing trees from seed for harvest along with sun, soil and CO2.
You can’t have home grown quality timber that can weather any weather (or rainbows) without a little rain! And definitely no high quality wood pellets to keep you warm and cosy when the rain is on.

So if you’re not already aware of what ‘home’ looks like for a lot of us, have a look at the following short clip and think again before you curse the rain.

#Balcas marks Rain Day

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