Switching to Balcas Energy Wood Pellets is easy

Our experienced team offers a one-stop shop to ensure a smooth transition when you switch to using our wood pellets.

Stage 1: Making the Decision to Switch

When deciding to switch to Wood Pellets biomass we will ask you the following questions:

  • What is your current annual spending on home heating fuel?
  • What size is your home? (approx. sq ft)
  • How old is your current boiler?
  • How much space do you have in your home?
  • How interactive do you want to be with your wood pellet boiler?
  • Would you prefer to use our bagged pellets or have a storage facility on site (this will depend on space)
  • Wood Pellets near me

Stage 2: Choosing, installing and fuelling your new wood pellet boiler

Based on the answers to the above questions we will recommend suitable appliances for you and advise you on any available grants on offer to you.

When you have chosen your boiler we recommend taking the time to go and view the machine in operation so that you can ensure it is the best-suited appliance to meet your needs. It is also important to use an MCS Accredited Installer to install your new wood pellet boiler and use a local installer or a company that has an established local installer network.

To keep your boiler working at optimum performance and to protect your boiler investment, we always recommend that you;

  • Use a premium quality, ENPlus A1 accredited fuel, like ours
  • Use a fuel that is certified to an industry recognised standard
  • Choose a fuel supplier which offers you a guaranteed fuel supply for the lifetime of your appliance
  • Choose a fuel supplier which has an established nationwide delivery network
  • Choose a fuel supplier which has a contingency plan to ensure you receive your fuel no matter what

Stage 3: Ongoing aftercare

At this stage, your wood pellet boiler will be up and running and you will have started to reap the benefits of using our premium quality biomass fuel. To keep your system in perfect working condition we have put together the following top tips (please note that all of these services are offered as part of our Balcas Energy aftercare service package).


  • Empty your ash pan regularly
  • Clean your store at least twice each year
  • Ensure your boiler is serviced annually by an installer
  • Use the same fuel to ensure quality consistency and performance of your boiler