Same bagged wood pellets, in refreshed packaging

Our bagged wood pellet fuel has the same high quality as ever, at the same high standard, with ENplus and BSL accreditations – all still produced with renewable energy in our two plants in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland and Invergordon, Scotland.

As you’ve probably seen already, the packaging for our bags is now refreshed, to better illustrate our Balcas Energy brand.

Inside all of our refreshed packaging is the same locally produced, high standard, qualitative wood pellet fuel. All accreditations and standards for our bagged pellets can be found and downloaded here.


bagged wood pellets















Balcas Energy Bagged Wood Pellets

  • Ideal for use in wood pellet boilers and stoves. As they are supplied in easy to handle 10kg bags, they are easier to store wherever you like.
  • Our bagged wood pellet fuel provide an ideal solution for your home, a biomass heating system and are ideal as an emergency back-up too.
  • All our Bagged pellet fuel can be delivered directly to your home or business anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Kerbside delivery.