Exciting news from the largest manufacturer of wood pellets in the country!

Thanks to recent investment, Balcas Energy are now producing even more of your preferred premium wood pellets – ensuring we are #1 to meet demand this coming heating season

Continuing to use the highest quality wood pulp material drawn from local sustainable forests, our increased volume of pellets are still made using renewable energy from our own CHP.

enplus wood pellets

Our Enniskillen based plant in Northern Ireland is back up and running after annual maintenance but now with an even with greater production capacity.

By expanding our sustainable manufacturing processes through the installation of an additional drier and pellet press; our operations will now see a 20% increase in our manufacturing capacity – ensuring we are #1 to meet demand this coming heating season.

We are now a manufacturer of wood pellets with more than 180,000 tonnes of pellet fuel produced every year. This:

  • Is equivalent to 1 Billion kwh of heat
  • Displaces more than 100 million litres of oil
  • Reduces CO2emissions by over 300.000 Tonnes
  • Helps our customerssave millions on their bills

What does this investment mean for you?

  • Increased security of supply (in-house manufacturing & delivery to your address 12 months per year)
  • More of the highest quality wood pellet fuel (produced above ENplus A1 standards)
  • Higher contribution to cutting CO2 emissions (by buying our wood pellets, made with green energy in our local plants)
  • By supporting sustainable businesses you help increase the green impact we all have on the world around us

The picture below shows the brand new and improved belt dryer used to dry sawdust and wood chip more energy efficiently, prior to becoming our world class wood pellets.

manufacturer of wood pellets

Now… Time to get ready for the cold weather and order early, before we get into peak delivery period once winter hits!

Click on the product you need below and see how you can order your wood pellet fuel today:

wood pellets

By the bag

Perfect for homes or businesses without any wood pellet hopper storage. We can deliver an entire pallet of bags to your door

wood pellets

By the Kilo

This is our most popular method of supply. We have a full fleet of delivery drivers that operate from 8 depots right around the UK and Ireland.