The Secret to Trouble Free Heating

enplus wood pellets
The ENplus Wood Pellets supplied by us are of the highest quality so we can guarantee trouble free heating from the fuel perspective.

Like any other technology, Wood Pellet Burners need to be carefully monitored and regularly serviced.

But did you know that using a consistently high quality wood pellet can bring you trouble free heating and even help to lengthen the life of a wood pellet boiler.


Balcas Energy wood pellets bring you greater value for three reasons:

1 Balcas Energy wood pellets are low ash.
Our wood pellets are only made from the purest sawdust. Before we process the sawdust into pellets, we wash, dry and debark the wood. This means that when they burn, our pellets have very low emissions.

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2 Balcas Energy Wood pellets are low moisture.
Using 100% renewable energy, we make our wood pellets to an extremely low moisture threshold.

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3 Balcas Energy Wood pellets have a high calorific value.
The high specification of Balcas Energy wood pellets means they are consistently above the standards set by ENplus guidelines. In short, you get a better quality and intensity of heat when you use Balcas Energy wood pellets.

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