Balcas Energy’s four-point summer checklist

To ensure you get the most efficient heat from our carbon-neutral locally produced wood pellets, we have created a summer checklist for you to follow.
summer check list

It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the “non-peak season” to clean your fuel store and ensure your pellet appliance is prepared for the upcoming heating season. Check out this simple four-point summer checklist to help maintain optimum performance for your wood pellet appliance:

Fuel Store Clean

We strongly recommend that you clean your fuel store a minimum of once every 2 years or after every 5 fills, whichever comes first. We screen all our wood pellets to remove dust before delivery but small amounts can still build up over time from many loads if a store is not cleaned. Check out the wood pellet industry recommendations here: .
Please follow all manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines.

Annual Service

To ensure your wood pellet appliance maintains high efficiency, we recommend that your wood pellet appliance is serviced annually by a certified technician to ensure the appliance is operating safely and correctly.


Manage your thermostat settings accurately to ensure your heating system is turned down for warm weather, keeping you comfortable and saving energy this summer.

Advance Ordering

Before approaching the upcoming heating season, we advise all our customers to check their fuel store levels earlier than usual and place their wood pellet order if required.

None of us know what is going to happen this coming heating season. However, we are letting all our customers know that if things stay as they are, there could again be a high demand for wood pellets. We are strongly recommending our customers to fill their fuel store well in advance of what could be another hectic season.


To place an order, You can order online 24/7 a bulk delivery or 10kg bags online via our Online Shop.


Stay safe and warm!