Wood Pellets Delivery Guidelines

Our team will always consider the best way to get your wood pellet delivery to you using one of our vehicles. Our drivers are fully trained specifically to deliver wood pellets.

Please note that all orders placed after 17:00 on a Friday will not be processed until Monday.

Lead times are up to 7 working days at the moment. Delivery for Bagged orders are usually faster. Even though we have provided information based on lead times, please be mindful that some setbacks can arise and can be out of our control.

Bagged Deliveries

For Bagged Wood Pellets we created the following delivery guidelines, to make sure you know how your order is processed – these are strictly based on kerbside drop off.

Bagged Delivery Guidelines

Bulk deliveries

Bulk delivery is dependant on factors such as weather, location, seasonal busy periods or “force majeure”.

We will contact you once your order has been scheduled for delivery which is typically one day before the delivery is planned to arrive – this will be by email (the one used to place the order, so keep an eye on your inbox).

Please note the lead times may slightly differ from the above if you are located in an outlying area or placing your order during busy periods.

How to Order?

You can order online with a few simple clicks or order via phone, by calling our Customer Support Office:

*Please note that in order to create an online account with us you have to have an email address. Lead times might slightly differ if location is difficult to access, remote or other technical reasons.