Earth Day 2022

Today is Earth Day, which is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

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At Balcas we celebrate Earth Day because we believe that sustainably managed forests are our future. We innovate with timber, taking care to use it as efficiently as possible, and four trees are planted for every one we harvest.

The original timber we use is either spruce or pine, which are locally sourced from sustainably managed forests. These forests are the lungs of the planet and we are proud of the contribution that we are making towards fighting climate change.

Five reasons why all our Tomorrows Depend on Trees and how Balcas Energy supports the fight against climate change:

1. Carbon Dioxide is warming the earth and accelerating climate change. Trees absorb CO2 and store it.

2. Balcas Energy is made from fast-growing softwood – we ensure more trees are planted for every one we harvest, offsetting any CO2 released.

3. By making our business local, we are supporting a sustainable timber industry that is making increased forest cover a reality in the UK and Ireland. Ireland wants to increase its forest cover by 64% by 2050. The UK wants to increase its forest cover by 19% by 2050.

4. Trees are the ultimate renewable resource – we can grow them right here without having to worry about global market price fluctuations.

5. Moving from fossil fuels to Balcas Energy’s locally produced wood pellets results in a 100% reduction in carbon emissions.

How do we make our Wood Pellets?

We sustainably manufacture our wood pellets in our two plants located in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, and Invergordon, Scotland.

We make them with renewable energy and high-quality material. So our operations are powered by green electricity. We generate this on site thanks to the co-products of all Balcas saw-milling activities.

Please click below to see a quick animation presenting our manufacturing process:

If you require any more assistance, please contact us and a member of our customer support team will help with any enquires you may have.

Thank You

Balcas Energy

Easter opening hours

We have listened and added new features to our dashboard making life much easier for you!

Here at Balcas Energy, we want to make your user experience with us very unique which is why we are constantly updating our website.

What has been added to your online account dashboard?

Current order status – In this section, users can see when their order is placed, logged on our system, scheduled for delivery, out for delivery, and delivered. You can also click “order again” to place the same order which saves a lot of time.

Summary – Your account number, name on the account, contact name, when you registered the account, and the last time you logged in.

Account Contact – Account details associated with the account.

Balance – You can see your balance and pay online if required.

Billing Address – The address of billing.

My web login email and password – You can view & change your email and password.

Last invoice – Access to last order invoice.

Contact Preferences – Users can change their contact preferences.

My account – At the top of the page, my account dropdown gives users the chance to click on:

  • Dashboard – Shows account details
  • Link Account – If you want to manage another account, enter the account number and wait for verification.
  • Orders – To view all online orders.
  • Historical Statement – View all statements.
  • Current Statement –  View the balance of your account.
  • Invoices – Look back at invoices for previous orders and print if needed.
  • Online card payment history – View payment transaction.

If you need help accessing your online dashboard, please contact us and a member of our customer support team will help.

Balcas Energy Team

Don’t leave it too late to get your next Wood Pellet delivery.

Due to current shortages in the marketplace with some other suppliers, we are currently experiencing a very high demand for our locally produced wood pellets.

If you need to order more fuel this heating season, we would encourage you to order well in advance (at least 2 working weeks) to allow us time to get to you.

We are sorry for this but wanted to make you aware in advance.

To order up to 8 tonnes, please click HERE. If you require more, please call us on + 44 (0) 28 6641 1001 OR e-mail: [email protected]

You can order online 24/7 by visiting our Online Shop:

Balcas Energy Team

Still burning wet wood or household coals in an open fire?

wood pellets winterIn the cold dark winter evenings, we all love to snuggle up on the sofa with a hot drink taking in the heat from an open fire or multifuel stove. What if we told you that burning coal or wet wood in an open fire is very inefficient and has the biggest impact on our national emissions of particulate matter. Would you seek alternatives such as Wood Pellets?

When it comes to using open fireplaces to generate heat, they are not very efficient when warming up a household. The heat that is produced from an open fire, can be lost by traveling up the chimney or by the draft pulling the heat from the room.

Are wood-burning stoves coming to an end?

No,  but “Polluting Fuels” such as wet wood and many types of household coals that provide heat from burning in stoves are being phased out in many parts of the UK & Ireland to help clean the air.

Why are these being banned?

The UK and Ireland have decided to ban the use of wet wood and many types of households coals based on the little particle pollutants (known as PM2.5 that penetrate into the blood and lungs) that are created when burning wet wood and household coals.

What alternatives can we turn to?wood pellets

When it comes to cleaner fuels, this is referred to as Wood Pellets. Wood Pellets are an excellent alternative as they produce less smoke, pollution, are cheaper, and are more efficient to burn.

How do I burn wood pellets?

Wood pellets need to be used in special appliances to get the most efficient use. The efficiency of pellet stoves can exceed up to 90% compared to the 5-15% efficiency of an open fire.

Where can I purchase or inquire about modern pellet stoves?

Examples of modern pellet stoves can be provided by specialist suppliers across the UK & ROI. Wood pellet stoves are an efficient appliance that produces much less ash & particulate matter allowing you to still enjoy watching the flames and absorbing the heat on a cold dark evening that is produced from Balcas Energy’s locally produced wood pellets.

If you are interested in moving to renewable energy and doing your part to help the environment, please contact us and a member of our customer support team will help with any queries you may have.

Thank You,

Balcas Energy


Changes to BSL

Online ordering is now available for Republic of Ireland

We are very sorry for any inconvenience we have caused due to online ordering not being available

Our online ordering system has been unavailable for our customers located in the Republic of Ireland as we have been updating our website to improve your customer experience.

To place an online order, please click here to order online anytime you wish on our website or click on the button below.



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Change of Bank account details

Thank you for your continued business. For alll customers who have received an email or letter based on our bank details changing, we wish to assure you this was genuine communication.

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