Trees form large smiley face in the forest :)

The forest looks alive in the coastal part of Oregon, USA, where this smiley face measuring 80 meters in diameter appeared in the middle of the hills in the autumn of 2020. This was all planned out and planted by Hampton Lumber, in the middle of the forest, between the American towns of Grand Ronde and Willamina, according to

smiley face forest trees oregon

Photo: Reddit / The Oregonian


How did this happen?

According to Hampton Lumber, it took a week to plant the smiley back in 2011. They used a rope to measure the circle and the eyes and mouth were triangulated from that point.

As the smiley is supposed to be yellow, larch was used as the base and for the eyes and mouth, douglas fir was planted. As the larch turns yellow in the autumn, that is the best time to see the giant smiley.

How long will the huge hillside smiley face last naturally?

It’s not certain how the smiley face will change over time. The face will certainly “age” as the trees grow, but it’s probably safe to say the effect will last for another 10 years or so.

Read more about the Oregon forest smiley here.


Planting trees is part of Balcas sustainability story as well

Without sustainably managing the local forests, we wouldn’t be able to play our role in fighting the climate change on the long run.

We believe that sustainably managed forests are our future. So we’re taking care to use trees as efficiently as possible, planting four trees for every one we harvest.


Forests are the lungs of the planet.