Wood Pellets for Business: Case Studies

Considering using Wood Pellets for your Business? We are here to help with advice on how to switch from fossil fuels and benefit from energy efficiency and CO2 footprint reduction.

Wood Pellets


Space: 32,500 sq meters

Boiler: 1200kW Gilles boiler

Storage: 24 tonne containerised storage unit.

Annual Environmental Savings: over 280 tonnes of CO2

Ikea is committed to being an environmentally responsible company. Balcas Energy supplies their 1200kW Gilles boiler with a constant supply of wood pellets. On average IKEA uses 233 tonnes of Balcas Energy wood pellets each year. The cost of this in oil (priced at £0.60 per litre) would have equated to £68,500, saving the company £29,356 per year.

Wood Pellets


Boiler: 4MW Wood Pellet Fuelled Steam Boiler

Annual Environmental Savings: Over 4000 tonnes of CO2 (equivalent to taking 1200 family cars off the road)

Storage: Two Pellet Silos Tomatin Distillery had an ambition to make its manufacturing process more sustainable.

Balcas Energy’s experienced technical team specified, sourced planning permission and installed a solution within 8 months. Using Balcas Energy’s wood pellets to drive manufacturing and heat using steam instead of heavy oil, the distillery was able to see significant cost savings almost instantly and to enjoy a security of supply at a predictable price.

These are just a couple of businesses benefiting from our energy efficient heating solution:

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