3 Reasons to LOVE Renewable Energy

Balcas Energy’s team of biomass experts have a strong passion for renewable energy and environmental sustainability. Who is your Valentine?  We choose wood pellets!   

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Here are 3 reasons to love Balcas Energy Wood Pellets:

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1.Future Friendly Fuel 

Think Climate Change – Producing energy with Balcas Energy pellets helps reduce dirty power used from fossil fuel-based power generation.  Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas block infrared radiation from leaving the earth’s atmosphere, which inevitably traps radiation from the sun and warms the planet’s surface. 

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2.The trees we use help reduce climate change effects by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. For every tree we use, we plant 4 instead.

Balcas Energy’s policy of only ever harvesting trees from local managed forests and always planting 4 for every tree harvested, bring two key benefits.

Firstly, the carbon released into the atmosphere is offset by the carbon absorbed by the trees being planted. Secondly, the company is helping to increase local forest cover and improve biodiversity – important factors now recognised as vital in the management of climate change.

When a tree falls to the ground and rots, it releases carbon dioxide. When we harvest a tree from a local forest, Balcas uses every part of it to create timber products and energy. 

The products we create from the timber such as those used in construction become long term carbon sinks that store carbon long after the original tree would have rotted and decayed if left in the forest naturally.

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3. We use 100% Renewable Energy to make the Wood Pellets

In 2005 Balcas started operating a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant. The CHP consumes material which is produced in the course of sawmill operations. This material (which is generally referred to as mill “residues” and more often as “furnish”), supplies fuel for the CHP Boiler and feedstock material for the production of our valuable Wood Pellets.

Balcas Energy are proud to control every aspect of the supply chain from forest to flame, guaranteeing a consistency of supply and quality of product.

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By the bag

Perfect for homes or businesses without any wood pellet hopper storage. We can deliver an entire pallet of bags to your door

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By the Kilo

This is our most popular method of supply. We have a full fleet of delivery drivers that operate from 8 depots right around the UK and Ireland.

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