Renewable energy is the way forward for heating poultry houses

Members of our team attended a webinar recently based on providing a renewable, energy efficient solution for heating poultry houses. This was organized and recorded by Teagasc Poultry. Within the webinar, Paula, Colm and Gerard, provided lots of great information on why moving to renewable energy in this specific sector will be better for the environment as well as for your business energy usage.

The webinar was filled with lots of information around heating poultry houses and energy efficiency, and we thought it would be a good idea to provide you some key info that will be appealing and invite you to take time and watch the recorded webinar below.

Key facts:

  • Here at Balcas Energy, we have been providing wood pellets since 2004. We understand that in the farming industry time is precious and we consider that. To date, Balcas Energy supplied 1,000 poultry houses in NI and GB, using 45,000 tonnes of fuel per annum, generating 200 million kWh of heat, and producing 160 million birds.
  • The Wood pellets we produce are of consistent quality and cannot be matched by any other forms of forest biomass and when being produced there is no waste which is great for the environment.
  • By using Balcas Energy pellets over other biomass fuels such as wood chips, the heat generated is drier, the direct-fired gas heating, and this creates a healthier environment for birds.
  • The stick–carbon tax increases in ROI. IN 2021 carbon tax has increased to 33.50 per tonne and at least 100 per tone by 2030. This will be an increase of 7.50 per tonne for 10 years. However, the ROI government has created a support scheme for renewable heat which allows businesses to claim up to 38.120 per annum.

Full webinar below:


If you currently operate a poultry house and are keen on Balcas energy wood pellets as an energy solution after watching the webinar but have some questions, please contact the Balcas Energy support team and we will provide you with the relevant information required to make your change to renewable energy.

To view the webinar please visit 2021 – Let’s Talk Poultry Webinar – Balcas Energy Solution for Heating Poultry Houses – Teagasc | Agriculture and Food Development Authority.


If you’re interested in reading more about the RHI, SSRH, or the Carbon Tax being introduced in the Republic of Ireland please click below:

How it’s made – Wood Pellets

World Environment Day

To mark World Environment Day , 4 of Balcas‘ Enniskillen based staff volunteered to litter pick over lunchtime. Two bin bags were filled between them in just 30 minutes along the main stretch of our road.

world environment day pellets

In a telling twist, they got caught out in an angry hale shower in between the sunshine’s rays.

Litter is an unfortunate and constant blight on our beautiful rural landscape, so they’ve vowed to keep it going every Friday during lockdown!

Thank you, team!

world environment day pellets biomass


World Environment Day with Balcas Energy

Reducing greenhouse gas emission and increasing the use of non-fossil fuel are the cornerstones of  our efforts to make UK and Ireland more sustainable and support a low carbon economy.

At Balcas Energy we are marking the World Environment Day by also:

  • encouraging a low carbon society with over 300,000 tonnes of CO2 savings per year
  • promoting a low carbon energy system, by currently displacing 100 million litres of oil annually
  • caring about our environment – our trees are part of a sustainable solution to the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. For every tree we use, we plant four more! 
  • promoting the efficient use of Renewable Energy – our wood pellets are manufactured using our own energy plant – no energy waste!


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