Carbon Tax on fossil fuel is increasing at an accelerated rate… It’s time to reduce your carbon footprint with 100% renewable energy

Our wood pellets are 100% carbon neutral and we have the know-how to help you avoid carbon tax increases on your business.

Ask for a complimentary energy consultation today and avoid carbon taxes:

Between 2020 and 2030, to meet lower carbon emissions targets, the Irish Government has committed to increase the Carbon Tax on fossil fuels.

In 2030… Fossil fuel carbon taxes in Ireland will increase significantly. We made a quick analysis and this is what you’ll have to pay every year in tax if you don’t switch from fossil fuels:

carbon tax

How can you save?

  • Ditch fossil fuels, they belong in the ground.

  • Switch to renewable fuel and choose wood pellets for your business – set up is easy and our team will help you set up your new heating system

  • Avoid Carbon Tax Increases and get “Carbon Neutral” Credentials for your business

  • Get 15 years Government funding for switching to our renewable fuel (with SSRH Scheme)

Balcas Energy wood pellets are 100% Carbon Neutral and exempt from Carbon Tax

Ask for a complimentary energy consultation today and avoid carbon taxes:

Central & North of Ireland – Paula Keelagher

carbon tax

Paula’s direct line: (+44) 77 1485 5411

Email Paula directly [email protected]

South of Ireland – Colm Hatton

carbon tax

Colm’s direct line: (+353) 0 873 464 029

Email Colm directly [email protected]

We can also help you apply for the Support Scheme Renewable Heat (SSRH) – the application for this can sound quite complex, but we are here to help you with the process and ensure you apply successfully: