Carbon Tax on fossil fuel is increasing by 400% soon…

Between 2020 and 2030, to meet lower carbon emissions targets, the Irish Government has committed to increase the Carbon Tax on fossil fuels.

Our wood pellets are 100% carbon neutral and we have the know-how to help you avoid carbon tax increases on your business.

In 2030… Fossil fuel carbon taxes in Ireland will increase by almost 400%. We made a quick analysis and this is what you’ll have to pay:

Carbon Tax what I will pay

How can you save?

  • Ditch fossil fuels, they belong in the ground.
  • Switch to renewable fuel and choose wood pellets for your business – set up is easy and our team will help you set up your new heating system
  • Avoid Carbon Tax Increases and get “Carbon Neutral” Credentials for your business
  • Get 15 years Government funding for switching to our renewable fuel (with SSRH Scheme)

Balcas Energy wood pellets are 100% Carbon Neutral and exempt from Carbon Tax

Ask for a complimentary energy consultation today and avoid carbon taxes:

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South of Ireland – Colm Hatton

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We can also help you apply for the Support Scheme Renewable Heat (SSRH) – the application for this can sound quite complex, but we are here to help you with the process and ensure you apply successfully: